This is the homepage for Charla, an open source client for the Yahoo! Chat Network.

Charla 1.6.6 requires 10.4 since it is now a universal binary. Charla 1.6.5 runs on MacOS X 10.2+ (Myst Feb 5th build works on 10.1).

If you know Cocoa/Objective-C then check out the project page and consider helping out.

Look around the site, download Charla, and come join the world of Yahoo chat!



New Charla build is NOT a universal binary like I thought. I thought it was a matter of switching to universal sdk and recompiling with it at the time. The Intel architechure flag was NOT activated. I've since set flag on. But learned that app is not capible of compiling as a universal binary until further errors are fixed. A time frame of a true universal binary is unknown at this itme.


Updated file releases with new Charla build. Smileys are in sync with Yahoo Messenger 7.0 for windows. Also built as a universal binary.


Updated file releases with new Charla builds. Fixes to smileys and other things.


Updated file releases with new Charla builds. The new builds work with 10.2 again so don't feel excluded anymore. ;)


Updated file releases with new Charla builds.


This website now up as are file releases.


Charla project registered here at Source Forge.